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Boston Acustics BTU-1000
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Boston Acustics BTU-1000

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Boston Acustics BTU-1000 to połączenie stroika chormatycznego z metronomem, generatorem tonów i komutera z bazą akordów.


Najważniejsze cechy produktu:

- 4 w 1

- odpowiedni dla gitar, skrzypiec, altówek, wiolonczel

- kolorowy wyświetlacz

- bateria w zestawie



The BTU-1000 is an unique combination of 4 powerful musical tools :

Chromatic tuner :
The tuner is suitable to tune any instrument due to its full flexibility. The extensive tuning range can detect all notes and its accuracy is far beyond human ear distinction.
- pitch shift : 410 - 480 Hz
- 4 guitar scales tuning : C, Bb, Eb and F
- flat tuning up to 2 notes down
- integrated mic
- Jack 6.35 line in

Chord computer :
The chord database can be used in two modes. Mode 1 will accept a chord name and display the chord finders setting on the guitar neck and in up to 4 alternate positions. Mode 2 will allow you to mark the fingers positions on the guitar neck and give you the chord name. 2640 chords are available !

Metronome : 
The metronome is very flexible and the extra loud volume will assure than even a drummer can use it !
- earphone insert
- beats/measure : 1 to 9
- different rhythms
- tempo range : 30 to 250 bpm

Tone generator :
All tones of the fourth octave can be generated. Very convenient for all instruments.
- pitch : 410 to 480 Hz

Technical details :
- indicator : LCD
- dimensions : 12 x 7 x 2,8 cm
- weight : 180 gr. including battery
- power supply : 9V battery (included) 
- 9V 150mA DC power (not included) can also be used




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